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Welcome to GT RIDE, the multi-platform game: Similar to an artist´s light painting, you can build magnificent freeways with one fluent motion in mid air.

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Making of 'GT RIDE'

The Game - Create, Drive, Share

One of the ideas that was intriguing right from the beginning was the concept of a racing game. At the same time we wanted to integrate users and let them create something that was really worth sharing.

Race track by User 87634

Race track by User 34566

Race track by User 28563

Track by user 34566

Passing the finish line

After the race

Installation at the frankfurt motor show

Short tunnel, generated randomly

Bend highway

Helicam when entering the race

Egoperspective during the race

Track 87643

Track 23456



The movement of the mobile device was to be calculated to form one giant race circuit. Once built, the user can drive on this track straight away by tilting the device.

iPad mini


Accepting a challenge screen

Race mode

Beginning of the race

Challenges screen on an iphone5

Challenges screen on an ipad


Create magnificent racetracks with incredible ease simply by moving your hand around in mid air. Then zoom in and race the GT just by tilting your device.

Drawing a Track in Midair with your mobile device

The final result, a one minute track

Steering the car on the resulting Track by smoothly rotating your device


The accelerometer and gyroscope are key in the creation of a 3D track, while kinect tracking took care of this part when it came to the installation.

Drawing a Track using the Kinect Sensor at Frankfurt Motor Show


The game was played on 9 HD monitors, with kinect tracking enabling visitors to create a track just by moving their hand around. The installation was featured at the IAA Frankfurt and Geneva Auto Salon shows, and will make an appearance at the Interauto Moskau.


We wanted to set up a social media campaign that integrates users and let them create something that was really worth sharing.