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Myriad - Where we connect

Berlin, Germany

Myriad - The journey.

A visionary virtual journey tracking animal migrations

Long before the Internet connected the world, our planet developed a complex system of knowledge that united all living creatures, enabling them to explore the world and return to their place of origin in one seamless and recurring ritual. Situated at the intersection of art, science, and storytelling, Myriad explores the beauty and challenges of the animals’ global migrations in an ever-changing, globally connected world that is increasingly being influenced by humans.

The flight of the Bald Ibis.

Bringing Together Science, Art And Storytelling

Collaborating closely with the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, we researched and worked closely with our partners to craft an experience that intersects the worlds of science, art and education. Myriad takes the scientific foundation as the core base for the three immersive experiences to show the complexity of animal behaviour – and how global animal pathways have been influenced by anthropogenic changes to the environment.

Die Migrationsroute des Arctic Fox.
Nahaufnahme der Green Sea Turtle.

Understanding the world through the eyes of animals

The experience visualises the impact of the Anthropocene, the age of humans, on our planet in a highly artistic way. Migratory animals interact with and rely on complex global ecosystems to navigate vast distances and ensure their survival. Myriad takes the audience on a global journey through our interconnected world – in an emotional yet informative, interactive and immersive way. This takes place in a virtual reality experience in which the audience can discover the migratory stories of three protagonists: the Northern Bald Ibis, the Arctic Fox and the Green Sea Turtle.

A virtual journey across oceans, deserts and mountains.

Through a poetic virtual reality experience, Myriad allows the audiences to join three different migrating species travelling along wind and ocean currents, across continents and over soaring mountain ranges as they make their way around the globe. Each journey weaves new scientific insights into fascinating, emotional stories of survival and perseverance. The audience can participate in these journeys and experience the emotions themselves before learning about the successful resettlement and reintroduction stories, such as the human-led migration of the Bald Ibis and its reintroduction to the Alps.

Discover Project
The Green Sea Turtle immersing in the depths of the ocean.
Aerial view of the artic details.
The initial menu, the beginning of three stories.
Details of the particles animation and reactions.
Making of the flight of the Ibis.

Collecting migratory data through tracking devices

A large number of animals around the world are tracked in real-time using an antenna system docked to the International Space Station (ISS). The data is then transmitted to a “Movebank”, providing unprecedented movement data on global animal migrations. This set of data has been used to build the storytelling and visualisation of the three migrating animals, pointing out their interactions with global ecosystems and the great distances on their migratory paths that they have to overcome in order to survive.

  • Studio Hamburg research over the carbon theme.
  • Carbon and its particles.
  • Study of the Sea Turtle.
  • Study of the Bald Ibis.

The immersive installation of an artistic and poetic journey

As part of an interactive and immersive walk-through installation, Myriad stages history in three dimensions and brings science to life in museums, exhibitions and festivals. Inside the exhibition, the narrative is interactively shaped by carbon particles and analogue charcoal drawings. As they disintegrate and reassemble over and over again, there is a sense of organic aliveness and a holistic understanding of a world that is constantly changing and where everything is connected.

Discover the Making of
Closeup of the flight.





  • Lena Thiele
  • Sebastian Baurmann
  • Dirk Hoffmann


  • Interactive Media Foundation
  • Filmtank
  • Saskia Kress
  • Michael Grotenhoff


  • Lena Thiele


  • Nico Alexander Taniyama
  • Dirk Hoffmann
  • Sebastian Baurmann

Lead visual artist

  • Dirk Hoffmann

Art directors

  • Robert Werner
  • Sebastian Baurmann

Technical Lead

  • Torsten Sperling-Ufer

Director interaction

  • Patrik de Jong

Interaction programming

  • Christoph Espig
  • Mateusz Marchwicki

3D Artist

  • Nico Alexander Taniyama
  • Christian Rambow
  • Katharina Przyborowski

Animal rigger and animations

  • Florian Friedmann
  • Hendrik Rost

FX design

  • Robert Werner

Production lead

  • Sebastian Baurmann
  • Kerstin Klewitz
  • Thorsten Schwarck
  • Jochen Watral

Scientific Support

  • Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
  • University of Exeter

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