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Welcome to Soil

Our high resolution metaverse for immersive shared experiences accessible on any device

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Our soil in the metaverse

Soil is a high quality and customisable metaverse world, a virtual experience built to elevate brands and bring people together without the need for expensive hardware or software. A digital world where impressive architecture, no boundaries on physics or space and lifelike avatars come together for special events, gatherings, conferences or product launches.

Legacy of Tomorrow: a metaverse fashion week event
Avatars for Legacy of Tomorrow

Crafting a photorealistic metaverse environment

We strive to make it easy for people to create, explore and interact in virtual worlds from any situation or device in use. We want to bring people together, let them participate, share ideas and connect with others in virtual spaces. Working closely with our clients, we tailor unique virtual worlds that leave a long-lasting impression on the audiences. Advanced pixel-streaming technology enables us to deliver photorealistic virtual environments to any device or medium - right out of the browser.

Unique realistic customisable virtual avatars

The avatars are just as unique as the world itself. Visitors can be represented as realistic humans, abstract creatures or even animals. For each world, we develop custom characters and clothing using the latest simulation technology for never-seen before physics in fabric, hair and facial expressions.

Voice chat integration for a seamless natural communication

The unique photorealistic 3D environment includes a set of social features letting people interact with each other in new and exciting ways. As in real-life situations, visitors can communicate through voice chat and a custom set of expressions through their customisable avatars. Additional features such as video streaming, interactive hotspots, 3D products and much more can be included on request.


Vast virtual worlds

We create custom environments for each request, depending on what kind of virtual experience the client wants and their audience needs. Worlds can be photorealistic or illustrative, natural or architectural. There are no limits to what is possible

Modular approach

Our modular approach enables us to build worlds that are scalable into universes. They can be rebuilt and adjusted to changing needs. Unlike many real-world spaces and events, the metaverse is here to stay.

Event platform

In the metaverse we can create invinite spaces for virtual trade fairs, product launches, live concerts, conferences, keynote stages and virtual showrooms.

Product showcases

We use the latest modeling, shading, and rendering technology to showcase life-like products within our metaverse.

Want to join us for a test-ride?

This represents an all-new realm for our industry and we would like to invite you to explore this new territory with us. Sign up on our waiting list and get a personal demo.