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Metaverse Fashion Week 2023

Legacy of Tomorrow

Berlin, Germany

Legacy of Tomorrow - Case movie

An exclusive runway event for Metaverse Fashion Week 2023

On Mar 29th, 2023 people around the globe gathered to experience the second edition of Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW). After its previous success, MVFW took a step further and spread out from Decentraland to Spatial, Over and our new multiplayer platform Soil. For four days, visitors were able to enter the curated runway show, Legacy of Tomorrow, and explore 14 high-class fashion designs in a luxury, wonderland-themed environment.

The white canyon landscape.

Future Heritage as core theme of the narration

The theme was "Future Heritage", celebrating cultural heritage and highlighting its influence over modern fashion design. After connecting with different designers, including both famous and emerging ones, we gathered a series of unique outfits ranging from hundred-year-old pieces to digital-only garments designed to be worn virtually. To showcase the beauty of each piece, the event was then set up in a premium space and crafted with music and storytelling. As a runway show, the environment was designed to elevate and enrich each outfit.

Watch the case movie
Jumping across the canyon.
Avatars meeting and interacting.
The initial personal avatar creation.

A white canyon as main stage for the runway show

We started with the ideation of the main setup for hosting our show. Since the very beginning, it was clear that we wanted to create the right environment to push the people to explore but, at the same time, keep the focus on the main core of the experience - showcasing the outfits. Moreover, our aim was to create awe amongst our guests and lead the visitors into an emotional journey. Thus, we set the runway into a vast desert landscape divided by a canyon, with white sand, bright water pools and golden details mixing up with wild vegetation.

The runway main stage.

Creating the outstanding high resolution outfits collection.

While the avatar of the visitors was kept in real-life size, the models wearing the garments were dramatically enlarged, showcasing the fashion at giant scale. During the event, the flow of giants moved along the canyon accompanied by sky and landscape changes while the spectators were able to get close to the rock edges to have a better view or even jump to the other side to fly over the passing model. Visitors were able to Focus Mode and observe the garments from an aerial view and discover the story and details behind each piece.

One of METARA's creation passing by.
The Fabricant's Curtain Call outfit.

The optimisation of the 3D design collection for Unreal Engine

To create the garments, we got the outfits from the designers either in a simulated state or we simulated it ourselves. After the simulation, we used Houdini to import, unwrap and reduce the amount of geometry before optimising the simulation. We had to bake the position of each vertice of the mesh into a texture where every pixel is made out of three colours to represent a position in 3D space. This texture was used in Unreal Engine to drive the animation of the garments through a shader.

  • The avatar arriving in the main environment.
  • One of altr garment with detailed view.
  • An avatar before the launch of a firework.
  • The outfits lineup passing along the canyon.

The crucial role of storytelling, music and visual guiding clues

A crucial element was the creation and development of fluid storytelling which could involve the audience and guide them across the platform. While the interface design elements were kept simple, environmental clues such as paths, golden air flows and landmarks were crucial in leading guests through the experience. Enhancing the climatic journey were the original music, sound effects and a narrator’s voice - dispersing as an echo between the rocks as it presented the designers’ line-up. The show, lasting 15 minutes, was then closed by a light show followed by darkness slowly fading in until the next looped start, and the show would begin again.

The moment before the end of the experience.
Guiding trails and particles.

A metaverse experience founded over Unreal Engine 5 and pixel streaming

The key elements were in the details, and particularly for this experience, we aimed to use the best technology to let people view the smallest particulars of the garments while enjoying seamless gameplay on any device. Thus, we used pixel streaming technology, which is based on WebRTC, and tested along desktop, mobile and tablet to check the quality and smoothness of the stream.

Diving in the main experience.

The application was built using

Unreal Engine 5, with a user interface done using javascript to ensure responsiveness.

A firework launch.



Lead Agencies

  • Artificial Rome GmbH
  • German Wahnsinn GmbH
  • Liganova GmbH

Creative Management

  • Patrik de Jong
  • Dirk Hoffmann
  • Torsten Sperling-Ufer

Creative Direction

  • Patrik de Jong
  • Dirk Hoffmann

Art Direction

  • Patrik de Jong

Strategy & Project Management

  • Alex Kunawicz
  • Kadine James

3D Artist

  • Han
  • Katharina Przyborowski

Backend Development

  • David Pettersson
  • Mateusz Marchwicki
  • Torsten Sperling-Ufer

Front-End Development

  • David Pettersson
  • Han

Lead 3D Artist

  • Jens-Eric Peter

Technical 3D Artist

  • Christian Rambow

Lead Concept & User Experience

  • Giulia Pignataro

User Interface & Branding

  • Athanassios Tohme

Sound Design

  • German Wahnsinn GmbH


  • Kadine James

Executive Producer

  • Kadine James

Narrator Voice

  • Suzanne Süßenbach

Fashion Designers

  • Tara Lalic - METARA
  • Jessie Fu & Yao Yao - Altr
  • The Fabricant
  • Hol Studio
  • Kadine James x The Immersive KIND

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