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Adidas World Cup ‘22

Virtual Event

Adidas - Overview video.

While everyone was still talking about it, we went for it

To mark the launch of a new line of products, we created the first fully virtual sell-in event for Adidas. Visitors experienced a 20-minute show, fully immersed in VR. They were greeted by the CEOs, got a closer look at the latest product range, and entered the arena with a 360 video show. Finally, they reached the peak of the performance and the official WM match ball was revealed.

The main hall.

Materialization of the shoe.
Visitor discussion.

The perfect recipe for a great launch

The event was then rolled out to 8 different countries around the world, where groups of up to 30 visitors could participate in the event simultaneously.

Creating a stadium atmosphere through moving architecture

The show took place in a 60-meter-high semi-open space, solely designed to accommodate the event. The reminiscence of a stadium atmosphere played with the concept of moving architecture. The entire building opened and closed its shades, depending on the dramaturgy of the show, while a tribune moved in concert with the happening.

The entrance.
Model gallery.
Product reveal.
  • The grand shoes.
  • Detail of the shoes.
  • The show beginning.
  • Detail of the hall.

Keeping the secret in the best way

Since all the products in a sell-in event are secret until several months later, VR was a key technology here for the creation of the project. The visitors could experience a one-of-a-kind show, while not a single image of the latest products could be leaked or be shared without permission.

Secret ball reveal.
Entrance hall.

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