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Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG

Sennheiser Reshaping Excellence

Berlin, Germany

Sennheiser Reshaping Excellence - Overview video

A digital experience for Sennheiser’s Orpheus headphones

In 1991 Sennheiser created the best headphones in the world. They called them Orpheus. In 2015, they did it again. The name and uncompromising philosophy remain, this is Orpheus reborn. To build anticipation for the release, Sennheiser planned the launch of a unique WebGL-powered website as a focal point of the campaign, which will deliver an immersive experience that involves fans in the process of unveiling Sennheiser’s mystery milestone product.

Monoliths on their way to the monument.

A dynamic collaborative monument to sound and music

The experience was approached in two phases. In a cloudy and mountainous landscape, four corners of the monument rise up toward the sky. Over a million people from exactly 184 countries created their unique sound sculptures and made their contributions to building the monument. A monument to sound that changes its shape frequently with every new monolith and, eventually, becomes complete by an accumulation of thousands of individually created sound sculptures. More modules are coming on a daily basis until the very end when the final form of the monument is revealed.

Grand view of the main sculpture.
Orpheus headset revealed.
Close up with five recently built blocks.

Making of video

The canyon and the creation of the monoliths

To create their very own sound sculpture, the users are led into a canyon where they find their own monolith to shape. After the modelling process, the sound sculpture floats up to the monument and takes its place to be part of the monument to sound. On its way, the sound sculpture flies out from the massive canyon, into the open landscape and directly to the monument.

Die grossen Monolithen tauchen in die Szene ein.
Monolithen mit der Klangskulptur.

Early stage of the monument.
A final sound sculpture.

The Sound Sculpture and the revelation of Orpheus

To create a sound sculpture, the user had to strike its rocky mantle, creating a monolith with a unique timbre and melody. By the time, people contributed to the creation of the whole rock. In a second project phase, the final revelation of Orpheus happened. The Sennheiser product was shown in the rocky landscape. WebGL allowed the user to explore the product in an elaborate tracking shot on the 3D model of Orpheus, with selectable details to explore the details and insights of the product.

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Director Global Marketing

  • Uwe Greunke

Key Communication Global Manager

  • Anne Hildebrandt

Creative Director

  • Mike John Otto

Agency Producer

  • Laura Popiol
  • Stefanie Voss

Project Manager

  • Karolina Kurzaj

Interactive / WebGL

  • Artificial Rome GmbH

Creative Director Art

  • Patrik de Jong, Dirk Hoffmann

Technical Director

  • Torsten Sperling-Ufer

Production Studio

  • Sehsucht


  • Mate Steinforth

Technical Director

  • David Weidemann


  • Christopher Lenz
  • Konrad Weser


  • Saskia Kretzschmann
  • Christoph Strohfeld
  • Christian Zschunke

3D Artists

  • Roman Hinkel
  • Oliver Latta
  • Florian Raphael Panzer
  • Christoph Strohfeld
  • Alexander Walker
  • David Weidemann
  • Christian Zschunke

Matte Painting

  • Julius Brockelmann


  • Christina Agapitou
  • Ian Hutchinson
  • Sebastian Wirbelauer

Original Music for Website and Campaign

  • Imogen Heap

Sound Design for Website, Campaign and Directors Cut

  • Hofkapellmeister Sebastian Müller Marcel Cloidt

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